My Home, My Style

Your home is a reflection of your personality,’ claims a popular Indian lifestyle blog, articulating how one’s home environment reflects even their social standing. This form of self-expression defines interior design through products that satisfy needs beyond just core functionality. Furniture, utilities and accessories are becoming more and more like pieces of art, with owners looking to narrate unique stories through them. This ‘productisation’ of personal space into an objectlike possession revealing the owner’s status, priorities and influence is evolving design briefs for industrial and interior designers.


So how are designers extending the purpose of a product – a chair, a knife or a toaster – to uniquely represent their owners? Innovations in material, production and form have enabled bold new interactions and experiences with products. New experiences are being crafted to make a statement on behalf of the owner by leveraging emotions of awe, surprise and drama.

Take for example, Frozen Motion, a furniture collection that captures in resin, the breathtaking movement of ink through water. Through a careful selection of materials and a powerful minimalist language, the designer manages to focus all attention on the seductive quality of the ink. Wouldn’t this intriguing piece be an excellent conversation-starter? Even if it were not popular as a seat, it would certainly be popular as a showcase of the owner’s pride.

Touching the boundaries of extreme exceptionality is the Kanagawa Blade, a knife forged by the power of water slicing through one of the toughest steel composites in the world. Taking advantage of a unique machine defect in the manufacturing technique, an inimitable corrugation is formed along the cut edge. This serration gives the blade its distinctive form, celebrating the sheer ferocity of water. Wouldn’t someone with a flair for drama love to include this blade as part of the kitchen narrative?

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