A Sea Change for Public Spaces

Public space strategy
In 2015, BOOM Landscape together with Cityförster realised a project for an artificial cape, square and park in Durrës, Albania’s second biggest city by the Adriatic Sea. This project, called ‘Cape Square’, was a huge success and the start of many other public space projects initiated by Prime Minister Edi Rama as part of his national campaign to improve tourism by investing in the Albanian coast. Albania has a beautiful and rich variety of river, mountain and coastal landscapes that can easily compete with popular nearby tourist destinations such as Croatia and Greece. After the fall of Communism, a sprawl of (illegal) building projects turned the public coast into private land and threatened to invade and destroy Albania’s coastal landscape. Albania put a stop on construction near the Albanian coast, enforced regulations to remove existing illegal buildings and invested in hundreds of public space projects. The reason behind this strategy is the idea that transformation, building