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    Products for Better City Living

    Products for Better City Living

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Products for Better City Living

Amrita Kulkarni gives us a glimpse into the products of the future that will extend human capability and imagination


An Urban Farm in Paris

A small but ambitious project in the French capital demonstrates that the green revolution in cities could just be a matter of giving some space back to people. Hélène Leriche explores


Underground Parking at Katwijk aan Zee

Levi Wichgers tells us about an award-winning project in the Netherlands that is the new template for designing the perfect dike


The Reconnecting Pasadena Project

Audrey O’Kelley elaborates on a citizen-led initiative to reclaim taken land and to re-establish a city’s lost social, economic and mobility benefits



Jane Tsong describes how plants of the various land use typologies of Los Angeles can suggest strategies for designing more sustainable cities


In-Between The Ground And The Water

Reviving the traditional community water spaces in hot-arid regions of India. Urban designer Shruti Hemani reviews the case of Bundi, Rajasthan


Urban Sustainability

To engineer a sustainable city, we must re-engineer our thinking. Christopher Nyerges shows us how